Never Trumper Napolitano Defends Adam Schiff


Judge Napolitano is a shining example of your typical Never Trumper. He has willfully chosen to destroy his credibility and integrity, because Trump didn’t give him what he wants. Here he is defending the horrible Adam Schiff, who is clearly acting above the law, abusing House rules to railroad Pres Trump. Keep in mind as you listen to this petty, vindictive, SOB, everything he has said as a legal expert has been WRONG.

Schiff is in complete control of all the evidence being collected, transcripts, who gives testimony and has already coached witnesses. He decides who can testify, what questions they have to answer and who can question them. Schiff will also have the power to veto objections by Trump’s attorney’s as well as representatives. Napolitano assumes what happened with Ken Starr is happening now, the major difference is Starr is a prosecutor who answered to Congress, NOT a sitting US Congressman who is also the Chair of the House Intel Cmte and acting like a prosecutor above the rules… oh wait he makes the rules too! This is unheard of and an abuse of power. Countless GOP members have spelled out all the problems with Schiff this “Judge” is ignoring, not to mention NO High Crimes and Misdemeanors have ever been identified!

Napolitano is also the same Judge who said Donald Trump Jr would be indicted for colluding with Russia. Wrong on that and wrong with the fact that collusion IS NOT A CRIME. He has perverted the law if not completely disregarding what’s on the books to attack the President. Honestly, as we dodged a major bullet by Hillary losing, we dodged a bullet by Trump not appointing Nap to SCOTUS. This man has demonstrated he will ignore the law to push his agenda through, he would have more than likely been another John Roberts if he got on the bench.

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You suck Judge, and this site is ashamed of ever supporting you in the past.