Pelosi BASTARDIZES the Constitution to Justify Impeachment


When House SPOKESWOMAN Nancy Pelosi speaks about the socialist party going after President Trump, she constantly invokes their actions are upholding their oaths in defense of the US Constitution. “This is not about his personality his policies that’s for the election this is about the Constitution is about defending our democracy”, no it’s about your refusal to accept the 2016 election results and attempts to undo the will of the American voters!

It is insulting and infuriating for Constitutional conservatives to hear these lies from Pelosi and co because these Leftists hate… lemme say it again H A T E the Constitution. They attack every single Amendment, pervert their meaning/ intention or attempt to rewrite them. Look at what they have done to just the Second Amendment, there are 10’s of thousands of laws restricting gun use/ownership where 2A is abundantly clear in it’s 1 sentence meaning, not to mention having it’s own Do Not Touch clause!

Pelosi and her ilk would take gasoline and a match to the Constitution today if they could. It’s disgusting how she bastardizes it for political points, that will only be heard by the uneducated, uninformed, dependent democrat party voters. These monsters cover themselves in the very document they have been subverting and systematically dismantling for decades.

When GOP/ conservative voters sit home election day you’re telling the dems to go right ahead with their plans to destroy this country. You would think after 8 years of obama voters on the Right would have learned their lesson, but they haven’t as we saw with the results of the 2018 midterm election.

Those tired of this shit need to put the phones down, get off social media and get active in your communities rallying like minded individuals to vote Trump and conservatives. The democrat party must be dealt a devastating blow in 2020, they must be POLITICALLY exterminated.