Antifa Showed Up at Freelance Journalist’s Family Home, After Doxing Elderly Mother

Six antifa domestic terrorists showed up at freelance journalist Andy Nog’s family home, late at night on Halloween, dressed in black skinny jeans 🙄, hoodies and gloves wearing masks of his face they had printed out. Ngo reports “They repeatedly rang the doorbell, pounded on the window, recorded footage of the property and gestured at the cameras. There were no candy bags. This follows their doxing of my elderly mom’s small business.”

This is why people are adamant govt needs to stop interfering with our Second Amendment rights. These unhinged violent Leftists have no problem showing up at your home in the middle of the night to terrorize and potentially harm you. People need to be able to defend themselves, their home and property from these dangerous people. What we do need govt intervention in is to make it a crime to doxing people over their beliefs, because sooner or later someone is going to get killed (if they haven’t already)!

Antifa are terrorists who need to be dealt with. We need to pressure DC/ DOJ to officially declare them domestic terrorists so when they get caught they go away for a long time, preferably at Gitmo.