Warren’s Health Plan is Such a Disaster Even Leftists Are Ripping It


Elizabeth Warren proposed her Medicare For All plan where the final bill as you’ve probably heard will cost America $52,000,000,000,000! It’s such an unrealistic joke of a plan that even the Leftists in the media are ripping on it!

Just so you know the total govt revenue is $6.73T. According to this socialist not one American will see their taxes go up, but she will stick it to the 1% and corporations who apparently love to pay more in taxes and never pass that expense onto their services and products where their customers aka YOU will be the ones footing the bill. 🙄🙄🙄

180M health plans will be disrupted.
Doctor shortage will be an understatement, all Americans will experience the nightmare waiting times we’ve heard of from nations with socialized medicine not to mention our own VA system.
2 million health care related jobs will be lost, but hey at least under this plan illegal aliens will be granted amnesty, because without them it doesn’t work!

Do you know WHO keeps Wall Street up at night? This woman, who is a walking nightmare, she has never run a business yet here she is proposing to more or less wipe-out our entire healthcare system for her version of Medicare-For-All aka promise of free stuff to get votes. If by some act of God Warren became President, that economic nightmare this site has been warning about will hit, and probably hit much harder than the catastrophe many HONEST people in the finance world have already been predicting (will dwarf Great Depression).

Whether it’s Warren, Sanders or Biden running in 2020 on the dem ticket they will act to fulfill obama’s promise of fundamental transformation by wrecking the healthcare system. You’ve seen what obamacare did, this would be far worse wrecking the economy for sure. Vote Trump and conservatives in 2020 or say goodbye to your healthcare plan and doctors.