Democrats Pivot to ‘Bribery’ As Possible Reason to Impeach Trump


Here we have Reps James Clyburn and Jackie Speier demonstrating the TDS driven witch-hunt has no end. When one attack begins to show signs of failure, like collusion or obstruction, these monsters conjure a new angle to go after the President.

Give it about a week, you will be hearing Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrat confederacy ranting about Pres Trump taking bribes. You would think the avg normal democrat voter would grow tired of this, but no, those JFK type voters are just about extinct. All you have now are divisive democrat voters who do and believe whatever they’re told, regardless of how insane it might sound.

One year from today we will be post-2020 election. It’s on YOU to make sure Donald Trump is victorious, along with all conservatives running for office. The monsters in this video and their ilk cannot be given more power than they already have. The democrats MUST face an ELECTORAL EXTERMINATION.