Behar Tells Dems Running For Office to Keep Gun Ban Plans Hidden Until After They Win

Eric Swalwell and Bob Frank O’Rourke screwed up exposing the Left’s plans to issue gun bans and confiscate law-abiding American’s legally owned firearms. The Views in-house BEAST, Joy Behar, tells dems running for office to keep their plans for gn bans and confiscation under wraps until after they get elected.

These Leftist monsters are so desperate, they’re incredibly careless and stupid revealing what they have planned or the tactics they want to run against us. Behar is one of the most vile vicious of them all. Her arrogance to blab this out with Sonny Hostin cackling along, probably enraged the DNC because you know senior party leaders want to keep gun grabbing plans quiet. McCain child (this site is no fan of) is right though, gun owners, and those in the know, assume gun grab is coming whether the monsters blab it out or not.