Trump Ready to Go to War With Mexican Drug Cartels After 9 Americans Are Slaughtered

Three women and six children, Americans from Utah, were slaughtered in Mexico by drug cartel members.

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The drug war right across the US-Mex border is as bad if not worse than the violence we hear about in the middle east! These cartels kill anyone without a second thought. They kill for sport and entertainment, while also sending a message to their enemies. They have done things to people that will give you nightmares… ie skinning, castrating, dismembering people alive – yours truly has seen the vids.

Whether these women and children were misidentified and ambused (which is a running theory) or just caught in the crossfire doesn’t matter, nor them being American or not. These cartels need to be wiped off the map. President Trump commented on the massacre today…

The Mexican and US govt’s going to war with these monsters will be ineffective if they’re planning on fighting the cartels conventionally. We’re talking about dealing with “people” who are truly inhuman, thus properly calling them monsters.
If Pres Trump is not prepared to unleash the full might of the US military against them, meaning the use of gunships, bombing runs and artillery strikes, then he might as well rescind the offer. What’s going on in Mexico is already like what’s happening in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen etc a NEVER ENDING GUERRILLA WAR. So either open up both barrels on these mother*uckers or don’t get involved instead use the money that would have been spent on military action to build more border wall, double it up in areas close to the hotspots. And when an American gets shot by a stray bullet traveling across the border, or a caravan of Americans gets ambushed, you drop a couple thousand pounds of ordinance on the area regardless of collateral damage. Yes, what we’re talking about is using a bomb to kill a cockroach. No street-to-street fighting, no snatch and grabs of leaders in the middle of the night – exterminating the problem.

The President of Mexico said the last thing they want is war… someone might want to tell him he already has a war, that’s worse than what’s going on in the middle east.

One last thing, if it hasn’t been made clear yet, let’s spell it out for those with thick skulls:
It is NOT SAFE for Americans to travel to Mexico. If you don’t want to get robbed, kidnapped, raped, assaulted or killed DO NOT GO THERE! If you insist on going stay at a resort and DO NOT LEAVE.