ABC News & Reporter Backpedal on Spiked Epstein Story Because…

Amy Robach and ABC News are backpedaling over why they didn’t release the Epstein story they were sitting on for three years. In the video released by Project Veritas Robach is seen on hot mic clearly annoyed that she did not get the scoop on the Epstein story because corporate didn’t want to run it. Listen to her, she is clear as can be they had photos, testimony, witnesses etc ready to go, in other words their “I’s” dotted and “T’s” crossed.

Following the release of the video Robach and ABC released statements as to why, more or less claiming there wasn’t enough due diligence…

…this is the same news agency who released video from 2017 Knobb Creek, KY shooting range as combat footage from Syria 2019. The same news network who ran with Christine Blasey-Ford’s account of sexual assault over 30 years ago without a date, time, place or witnesses as fact to railroad Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

If you’re thinking something isn’t right you’re obviously correct. Look back up at the opening of this op, what did I say? ABC was sitting on this story for three years. What happened three years ago???

Yep! ABC spiked the Epstein story because, as Robach said in the video, they had the goods on all the players involved especially one in particular > Bill Clinton. ABC News couldn’t have a pedophile story running, implementing Bill Clinton, during the 2016 election jeopardizing Hillary’s run for the White House. That’s right America ABC News, OWNED by Disney, cares more about political power than protecting children! It would appear the Mouse cares more about political power than protecting children?!

Do Not Tell Me the media is NOT the Enemy of the People. What kind of evil does one have running through them to make this kind of decision? This is just another example of how dangerous and desperate the Left and the media have become. Had Hillary won we would’ve never learned about Epstein, or all the other illegal acts being carried out by the Left.

Don’t thank Trump, those who voted for him thank yourselves! This story along with all the other crap coming to light is why the Left wants trump out of office. Their deception, and entire hate America operation is being blown apart.