Attorney Issues Warning: Rand Paul & Trump ‘Will Be Responsible for Anything Harmful That Happens’ to “Whistleblower”


The “whistleblower’s” attorney, Mark Zaid, who said on 1/30/17 the ‘#coup has started’*, issued a warning threat to Sen Rand Paul over naming his client publicly, that he and Trump (Paul would be acting as a surrogate for) would ‘be personally responsible for anything harmful that happens’ to his client.

ERIC CIARAMELLA, the “whistleblower” anonymous leaker/ informant, whose name has been floating around for well over a month seems to think he is excused from public scrutiny after making charges against Pres Trump. Since when can’t an accused individual not face their accuser? This is still the United States of America, but as you can see from the REAL fascists anyone who is threat to their agenda will be threatened and their rights denied. This is the America dems want, a nation where there are no Constitutional rights, a Banana Republic.

Sen Paul has made it abundantly clear under the 6th Amendment the President has the right to face his accuser.

Ciaramella is not a whistleblower, the democrats are abusing/ perverting the laws to protect him, even going so far as to suggest he doesn’t even need to testify because they know he will get destroyed by Trump’s attorney’s, let alone numerous GOP Congressional members.

We know how the Left works, if anything Zaid is sending a clear message to their unhinged violent Leftist followers to go after Paul again (he served the May 2017 attack as well as being attacked at his home) to keep him silent even though there is no law stopping him. But the left doesn’t care about the law, they care about taking Trump out, so anyone who gets in the way is collateral damage.

*Might be kinda important for people to know Zaid said the ‘#coup has started’ in 2017 after Trump was sworn in don’t you think? How convenient the guy who says that now represents a DNC operative who is at the center of what can only be called a coup d’état! The democrats are engaged in rebellion/ insurrection and sedition, all federal crimes.