Iranian’s Put $80M Bounty on Pres Trump’s Head


You can’t say the religious hardliners and those running Iran aren’t resilient, stupid but steadfast with their devotion to seeing Big Satan and its leader Donald Trump destroyed. As you would expect the devout death cult followers are unhappy following the end of Gen Soleimani via US drone missile strike. They held a rally of sort, where one of their leaders who will inevitably meet the same fate put an $80M bounty ($1USD on behalf of every Iranian) for “the head of this yellow-haired lunatic” “who ordered the murder of the grand figure of our revolution”.

Well now another death threat from Iran, what shall we do? For you younglings out there FYI, we’ve been engaged in a cold/ proxy war with Iran since 1979. The fact that it’s coming to a head (no pun intended) now is well over-due. Trump is not playing the game ALL his predecessors have played, more or less taking a step back when these monsters attack. He gave them a redline, they crossed it and paid a price. The President has issued a clear warning if they do anything they’re gonna pay some more….

If anyone else were President right now, they would be backing down and making concessions; obama was the worst out of all US Presidents. There will be no deals made, no pallets of billions in cash in unmarked foreign currencies being sent over in the middle of the night. (BTW we never got an explanation where that money came from and who authorized it. FTR Congress holds the purse strings, they never held a hearing let alone a vote to grant that ransom obama paid, that in itself is treasonous!).

The Iranians like to talk tough, they’ve been doing it for decades. There will be no conventional style war, Trump has zero intentions of starting another Iraq or Afghanistan. He likes US, hardware.. he likes seeing weapons we have in our arsenal used. The MOAB was dropped to waste a bunch of terrorists hiding in tunnels. Speaking of tunnels, when al-Baghdadi was in his final moments of life it was being chased down by a US trained dog. That being said you can be sure the President will use whatever firepower is at his disposal to handle these islamofascists. B2-Spirits and B-52H Stratofortress’ are ready to go, along with all types of guided missiles. Trump will use a bomb or missile before committing troops, bank on that. If they make any attempt on the President or his family you can expect the gates of hell to be opened up on the Iranians.

There will most likely be terror attacks abroad and in the US. That means YOU must be on alert, and those who live in free-America, that legally own a weapon and have the credentials to carry need to do so because YOU may very well be the one who is going to have to take action. More on this later…