Hate America & NFL FAILURE Thinks Killing Terrorists is Racism


Racist, anti-American Colin Kaepernick just can’t contain the hate he has for this country. In another act of stupidity, like that of Tehran Rose, the NFL failure has deemed taking out a terrorist an act of racism.

Right Colin, Pres Trump ordered the strike on Soleimani because he was brown. It has nothing to do with the attacks Soleimani has ordered for decades throughout the middle east against his own people, who are also brown btw, Americans and our allies.

This monster has enjoyed all the benefits of being American yet here he is once again condemning the US. He must not be happy being the #2 racist in the country seeking to unseat Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both tied for the #1 spot. Only an unhinged violent Leftist would come out in support of a country who has been terrorizing the world for over 40 years. Only a hate America monster like Kaepernick would be upset that a man responsible for 1000’s of deaths was sent to hell. This tweet is also a slap in the face to every man and woman serving in the US military, especially those who survived devastating attacks leaving them with missing limbs, loss of senses and severely burned.

If you have a problem with Kaepernick but buy Nike products SHAME ON YOU. Nike stockholders you as a whole have power over the Board of Directors. As a group you can vote these people out and remove those from the company who think having individuals like Kaepernick representing YOUR company is a good for business.

… that said WHY are you here (living in the US) Colin? It is factually clear you hate the USA, so pack up your shit and get the F out! Maybe you and Tehran Rose can get a two for one deal. I hear a nice property was just made available in Iran. You are not wanted here, no one likes you LEAVE!