CNN’s Fmr Presidential Hopeful, Michael Avenatti Taken Into Custody By Federal Agents!


Look at that photo. Just puts a big smile on your face along with a good laugh!

Extortionist, thief, manipulator, liar, wannabe thug (to name a few) and CNN’s once hopeful presidential candidate (that should tell you all you need to know about their judgment in character) Michael Aventatti was taken into custody by federal agents (IRS) during his CA bar association hearing. “A source w/ the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles says that Avenatti was arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his pre-trial release on a case in which he is accused of extortion, theft of millions of dollars from clients, cheating on taxes and lying to investigators..”, he apparently jumped bail!

This guy is the lowest of low, stealing money from clients, allegedly assaulting a girlfriend and being a driving force in trying to bring Judge Kavanaugh and Donald Trump down on blatant lies.