Joe Biden Takes Credit For Ending The ISIS Caliphate


Joe Biden again taking credit for things imagined in his complex mind no one will ever be able to figure out. If what Biden says here is correct why did the caliphate expand throughout Syria into Iraq as well as their offshoot Khorsan that is/was active in Afghanistan and Iran!? ISIS has popped up all over the middle east what were this 68 country coalition doing from 2012 to Jan 20th 2017 under the obama/Biden regime?

Why did it take Donald Trump becoming President for the caliphate to take heavy losses and lose control of all the territories they seized when Biden was VP? This is delusional nonsense, since we know obama was an appeaser, who did everything in his power to restrict the military’s ability to truly bring the fight to ISIS.

Trump is already doing what this fool is suggesting, so we don’t need him. And Joe, stop lying it’s not going to get you into the White House.