Sharpton: Do Not Judge Sanders by ‘Socialist Tag’


Sanders is desperate for support among minorities so who better to pander and get him votes than Al Sharpton. Pretty sick and demented comparing resistance Sanders is getting to what civil rights leaders received. They surely weren’t preaching for the destruction and govt takeover of healthcare system, military, education and industry. Capitalism itself is form a freedom Dr King and civil-rights leaders were clearly fighting for then. None of that will stop an opportunist like Sharpton from delivering his revisionist history.

It’s one thing and natural for those who opposed Dr King and other civil-rights leaders to give them a ‘socialist tag’ in order to scare people, who don’t know any better, away from them. It’s another to associate Dr King other civil-rights leaders to a guy like Sanders who has never held a job, only worked in govt, hasn’t accomplished anything in his time as a senator, while he praises dictatorial regimes as the model for what he wants for America… for them.

I guarantee you the people sitting in that room have no clue where Sanders stand on a number of issues that are important to them. They weren’t better off under obama, they surely won’t be better off under Sanders who will dwarf what hussein did to the country which will hurt them. That’s why you want people like Candace Owens, Maj Toure and other black Americans, who have walked away from the democrat party, to get into these communities help them see the truth that the democrat party been using them for money, power and control.

What you really have to wonder is what was the quid pro quo between Sanders and Sharpton? Al doesn’t help anyone unless there’s something in it for him!