Steyer Gives a Glimpse Into the Authoritarian Dictatorship We Will Have Under Dem Presidency


All the democrat candidates have their angle to win voters over but they all share the same agenda. They vow to act on gun control, govt controlled “free” healthcare, “free” college, open borders and amnesty for illegals, cut back in military and their precious climate change.

That brings us to billionaire Tom Steyer who addressed a 27yo woman’s question over her fear of climate change, where he stated he is the only candidate making climate change his number one priority. On his first day in office he promises to “declare a state of emergency on climate.” Normally we would all shrug our shoulders and roll our eyes but then he gave a glimpse into the authoritarian dictatorship we will have under his presidency, or really any of the dems running!

“I will use the Executive Emergency Powers of the Presidency to tell companies:
– how they can generate electricity
– what kind of cars they can build and on what schedule
– what kind of buildings we’re going to have
– how we’re going to use our public lands
– how the government, which is the biggest buyer of fossil fuels in the world, is going to move to clean energy.”

Talk about abuse power! This guy wants to use the powers of the presidency to completely takeover industry in America. He wants to use the office fo the president to tell companies on what energy we can use, tell us what kinds of cars we can drive, buildings to work in (and we can assume housing falls into this as well), how we can use OUR land, and from the sounds of it the decimation of the military because theres no magic fuel to power our jets, planes, helicopters, tanks, wheel and tracked vehicles, mobile surveillance and weapons etc!

We talk about Sanders and the crazy socialist/marxist dictatorship he wants, but the dems running are all the same. These monsters want to control every aspect of our lives. Steyer’s plan in the name of climate change, which is unproven junk science, should scare the hell out of everyone! Frankly he sounds a little scarier than Sanders whose praising Castro.

You and everyone you know better vote Trump and GOP straight down the ballot in November or else