Sanders Supporters Erupt in Thunderous Applause After Surrogate Calls Them “Revolutionaries” and “Socialists”


Bernie Sanders held a rally in Myrtle Beach, SC today and prior to taking the stage Stephen Wukela, the Mayor of Florence, spoke to attendees asking,“How does it feel to be a bunch of radicals, huh? A bunch of revolutionaries? A bunch of socialists here in Myrtle Beach?” The crowd approved of these tags responding with thunderous applause!

Socialist revolutionaries are not people to be idolized, cheered for, let alone compared to. These people have no idea what they’re supporting which will result in one word for them: PAIN.

Pain from a massive govt power grab that will make what obama did look like nothing. Their healthcare system will be under the control of bureaucrats. Companies will be run out of the US resulting in these people’s jobs disappearing. Illegal aliens will be flowing in at levels never seen before and have priority over citizens. The respect and dominance (restored under Trump) the US has around the world will ceded to our enemies.

The revolution they embrace is really the destruction of capitalism and America. Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world. Cuba, which Sanders loves, is a third world nightmare. Venezuela, another socialist state once an oil rich nation, in less than 15 years is on the brink of revolution.

Right now this is Sanders nomination to lose, but regardless of who gets the DNC nod all the candidates, like Tom Steyer for example, are just as radical; Bernie doesn’t have a problem hiding it. These people will erase all the good Pres Trump has done if they win in November. Even if they lose the bid for the White House but get the Senate and hold onto the House a radical could still get in as they will have the power to impeach and remove Trump. It’s not enough to vote for Trump you must vote republican down the ballot and stop these monsters from getting power.