Sanders Supporters Stalk, Harass, Trap Democratic IL Congressional Candidate In Her Car


Moderate democrats beware you are as much a target to the radical socialists taking over your party as those in the GOP. Bernie Bros “stalked and ambushed Democrat Betsy Dirksen Londrigan after a campaign event in Champaign on Monday night, challenging her to debate a candidate [socialist, Stefanie Smith] who has failed to attract much support or name recognition in the primary contest.” ~ WCIA

“It was a non-violent protest,” Smith wrote in a Facebook post. “[I]f Betsy can’t handle a few people demanding a conversation about the life or death issues facing many of is [sic] in this district, she should quit now because she will not be able to handle Davis and Trump.”

In a subsequent Facebook video, Smith then expressed appreciation for the agitators’ actions, gushing: “I can’t tell you how much it meant to me when I watched the video of what happened.”

“Apparently, people are expecting me to make a statement,” she added. “They’re absolutely the most manipulative, childish, privileged, terrible people I’ve ever met in my life,” Smith said, complaining that, “campaigning has been a nightmare of alienation, hostility, humiliation, gaslighting, and so much abuse.” ~ Breitbart

These people are violent revolutionaries who will take out ANYONE who gets in their way. Who does this? Who stalks a candidate demanding they support a policy and debate another candidate.

Those red umbrellas are more than likely symbolic to communist red, not “the international symbol to end violence against sex workers” as Smith claims, since no one in the video can be heard saying anything about it!

Bernie Bros are incredibly dangerous, and have been clear they will use intimidation, seen here, or engage in outright violence, as Bro’s said in Project Veritas videos to get what they want.

Bernie Sanders IS NOT Larry David, he is not here to entertain. He hates this country, he wants to fundamentally transform it into a socialist nation that will result in massive economic chaos, poverty, death and potentially war.