Dishonest Media Rushed to Blame Trump for AZ Man’s Death


Just about every major network ran a story on tv or online/print about a man who took a “drug” touted as Chinese virus treatment because Pres Trump’s positive remarks on the malaria fighting drugs effect. The headlines were all about the same Man Dies After Taking Drug Trump Touted. At no time do any of these fake news outlets make it clear you should NEVER take any medication without seeing a doctor first and being prescribed a drug. They also didn’t mention, or BRIEFLY admit, the “drug” the AZ man, and his wife who is still recovering, took was in fact FISH TANK CLEANER, with a warning NOT to be consumed by humans!

At no time in any of Trump’s pressers has he ever said ‘Hey chloroquine works great if you have the Chinese virus, if you’ve anything like it around the house take some and you’ll be fine’. He also NEVER said to take chloroquine phosphate, because it will kill you! You know Drano will kill the virus too, but you don’t see anyone drinking it do you!? Trump did tout the reports of doctors in France as well as some in the US who have used chloroquine + azithromycin, saying there is real promise with the cocktail but “we’ll see”.

The media are as despicable now handling this Chinese virus as they were with Kavanaugh hearing, and all the impeach Trump drama. They’re constantly looking for something to take POTUS down without doing any due diligence. Journalists don’t do that, political activists do!

CBS is was one of the worst culprits with this social media headline “Man dies after taking drug touted as coronavirus treatment by Trump” and using a stock image of a medical professional holding what looks like pills. Once you open their click bait they admit it was fish tank cleaner.

Axios did it too, but at least had the guts to admit they were wrong and pulled the post

Of course the tabloids had to get their licks in…

Leftists were in on it too, this medical expert on “#Ebola, #coronavirus, pandemics.” Who claims “Appearances on @FoxNews, @SkyNews,@BBC;featured in @NYTimes,
@BostonGlobe has yet to pull her misleading post down

And then there is WH Advisor Kellyanne Conway’s retarded looking husband (amazing they’re not divorced yet) who lied about it as well..

Pres Trump is not the problem. The problem is the media and people who take what he says out of context and IMO they FAIL to demonstrate basic listening comprehension.