Biden Says His Green Deal May Be Used in Next Round of Coronavirus Relief


Joe Biden held another online town hall addressing the impact the Chinese virus is having on young Americans. Gabe Fisher from Wake Up to Politics asked him how he would go about reaching young voters who were leaning towards Bernie Sanders where Biden outlined three steps he will focus on to reach them:

First – School loan debt relief: “I think there should be a ten thousand dollar forgiveness of student loans across the board for anyone who is in fact affected now from this point on as we fight this pandemic”

Second – He’s pushing the healthcare/ obamacare angle to cover the economic impact

And then there is Biden’s third step where he claims “we’re gonna have an opportunity I believe in the next round here to use the my green economy… my Green Deal or to be able to generate both economic growth and consistent with the kind of infusion of monies we need into the system to keep it going.”

If Biden’s Green Deal is anything like AOC and the dems current plan we’ll be wishing we were in an economic mess because of the Chinese virus vs job and industry killing policy over the threat of junk science!

The GOP would be committing suicide if they tried a bill like this to combat the economic impact of the China virus. It’s one thing to tell everyone to stay home to stop the spread of a virus. It’s another to say your job is gone to save the planet in the name of unproven data manipulated “science” to advance an anticapitalist agenda!