Would Doctors Reporting Success With Malaria Drug to Treat Coronavirus Be Jailed in Nevada?


If you haven’t heard, Nevadas DEMOCRAT Governor Steve Sisolak signed an emergency order banning the use of Chloroquine or Hydroxychloroquine, aka the anti-malaria drug, to treat the Chinese virus.

No one is hoarding the drugs and the fact that doctors are reporting success with them treating patients SUFFERING from the Chinese virus in the US and around the world is irrelevant to the governor.

Would doctors, who are saving lives like Rio Giardinieri’s,  be jailed under Sisolak’s order?

Drug that treats malaria being used by Boston doctors to treat COVID-19

French researcher posts successful Covid-19 drug trial

Oregon doctor at veterans home treats coronavirus patients with drug used for malaria

Why did Sisolak really do it?

Because Pres Trump has been speaking positive about the drugs. Since Trump is hopeful the democrats like clockwork look for reasons to question the drugs effectiveness, and in this case won’t allow doctors treat patients with the disease. They would rather see people dead than saved so long as they can use the bodycount for political points against the President.

What Sisolak is doing is unforgivable, he should be removed from office putting politics ahead of lives. Let’s see how many voters will remember this cheap act when he’s up for reelection.