Pelosi: Emergency Relief Bill is About the Virus “It’s Not About Anything Else”


After trying to load the bill with funding for all kinds of progressive pet projects Nancy Pelosi stood before the press saying “This is all about the coronavirus. It’s not about anything else”! Yep the woman who tried to get ballot harvesting, raisin wage to$15/hr etc stood before the press and the American people lying with a “straight face”… whatever you call that after all the plastic surgery.

Uh huh, well while the despicable democrats didn’t get everything they wanted (abortion funding, tax credits for solar and wind energy, diversity on corporate boards, airline emissions reqs etc) they got a lot, as the GOP caved to there demands get their vote so this aid can get to Americans. In other words they held the GOP and the nation over a barrel again.

Glenn Beck went through all the garbage that’s getting funded in this bill that has NOTHING to do with those effected by the China virus.

(no one cares if you like him or not, it’s about the message not the messenger)

So tell us again Nanzi how this is about the virus, and the American people really, but not your agenda?

The House SPOKESWOMAN and her party will never be forgiven for what they did this week, let alone everything else. They must be removed from power this November after demonstrating how they would use a national emergency to gain more power and control while taking care of their lobbyist pals.