Democrats Prepared to Strangle US Economy Unless They Get This Wish List in Emergency Relief Bill

The democrats have shown their true dark side that they will always put politics over the people when they blocked the emergency relief bill from moving forward in the Senate. Rep Scalise noted Chuck Schumer just over the weekend commented on how “there’s been a great deal of bipartisan cooperation”. So what happened?

Nancy Pelosi showed up after being on vacation throwing a wrench in the works to get items from the democrats radical agenda added in, that have nothing to do with the virus and helping YOU.

Sen John Kennedy told Tucker Carlson, “it’s basically – they want the Green New Deal, and they’re saying if you Republicans don’t endorse it we’re going to strangle the American people economically.”

A second vote was held today to just be able to get the bill up for debate on the Senate floor and of course democrats balked. The dems are out for blood and don’t think for one second they won’t cause the economy to drop even further to get their way.

This is the wish list they want that’s holding everything up:

  • Tax credits for solar and wind energy
  • Bail out for the US Postal Service debt
  • Allow early voting
  • Same day voter registration
  • Provision to force employers to give special treatment to big labor
  • New emission standards for airlines
  • Information on greenhouse gas statistics for flights
  • Retirement plans for community newspaper employees
  • Federal $15 minimum wage
  • Permanent paid leave
  • Study on climate change mitigation efforts
  • Publication of corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards

Dems 1100+ page bill is everything they have failed to get passed over the years, they’re now trying to ram through under a bill that is designed to aid Americans out of work, and businesses that will surely go under because of the Chinese virus.

The economy is on the brink as it is with multiple economic bubbles that have been building up since 2008. This Chinese virus is causing them all to burst which will drive the US and global economy into a depression far worse than 1930’s. The GOP knows this, it’s why they want to get something passed quick, but dems don’t care.

Remember this site has been warning about stealth depression and such for years and that the dems welcome a crash. It will give them the ammo they need to say “You see, we did it the republicans way and look at us now. You need to vote republicans out of office and put us in charge of everything we’ll make it right under a new system.” And mindless voters in despair, wanting someone to do something to end the pain will gladly do just that. You can shrug this off but it is what they’re doing, strangling the economy for the bigger picture of total govt power.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.