MSNBC Host Suggests Biden Create ‘Shadow Government’ to Counter Trump Pressers

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle doesn’t like Pres Trump’s daily pandemic briefing calling them a “clown show”. Apparently getting information where the govt is at dealing with the virus, how the production and delivery of PPE and other equipment is going, medical experts weighing in answering questions and setting the record straight when media misleads the public is clown like.

Maybe it’s stupidity, arrogance or delusions of grandeur these people in the media are suffering from, aside from TDS, to cause Ruhle to suggest Joe Biden should create a ‘shadow government’!

Did we miss something? Did we already have an election and Biden is President-elect? Joe Biden doesn’t even know where he is half the time he is on air from the comfort of his own home. This man is incapable of handling a basic tv interview…

… but this MSNBC fool is so full of hate for Pres Trump she thinks Joe is capable of running a shadow govt holding daily coronavirus briefings! He has no authority and most of what he suggests Trump has already put in place.

The media are losing their minds, a Trump victory in Nov will hopefully send many of them to the funny farm.