Pelosi Claims Not Enough “Data” to Support Paycheck Protection Program As It Runs Out Of Money

$350B dollars set up under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) for small businesses has already run out of money, shutting countless Americans out from getting aid. This is after the fact that Sen Majority Ldr McConnell warned it was running out of money. Naturally members of the GOP acted to add an additional $250B to the fund but like clockwork the democrats are blocking it.

Ring leader Nancy Pelosi said there isn’t enough data to support the additional funding…

…playing politics with Americans paychecks while she sits back in her lavish home, eating gourmet ice-cream out of her $30K+ refrigerators!


The fact that the $350B has already been exhausted should be enough data but the dems don’t really care. Every step of the way the dems have done everything in their power to screw the American people over while they look for ways to ram their agenda, which has nothing to do with the pandemic and fallout because of it, through aid packages for the people.

Republican, conservatives, TEA Party activists better get out to vote in November even if that means crawling through fire and over bodies. Pelosi and the dems cannot be allowed to hold power, of any degree, ever again in this country.