CA Gov, Not Waiting For Congress to Act, Will Give Taxpayer Money to Illegal Immigrants


Several members of Congress have talked that they want the next round of emergency relief money to include funds for illegal immigrants.

CA Gov Gavin Newsom is not going to wait to see if that happens, today he announced he will be diverting $75M of CA taxpayer funds, along with another $50M from “philanthropists”, creating a $125M fund to give cash payments to illegals. ($500 to individuals /$1000 to households)

To be clear this isn’t the US govt asking the Fed to print money out of thin air to give everyone $1200+. CA has to find this money, which is clearly taxpayer money to give to illegals. Californians how does it feel knowing that your leaders are now blatantly taking your tax dollars and giving it to illegals? Better yet think of it this way:

That $1200+ you are getting from the federal govt, is really $700! Do you really think tax rates will come down in CA, be it on income, sales, fuel or whatever else they’re charging? Don’t be surprised if you’re taking home a little less in your paycheck when/if things go back to normal. CA is broke they’re going to have to raise taxes somewhere to recoup the $75.

As for those “philanthropists”, it’s safe to assume they’re pretty wealthy people who run companies in the state. Some of them might not be bringing all their employees back, or they might be raising prices a bit when/if things go back to normal.

Leave it to dems to screw Americans over while they pander to illegals.