Anti-2A LA Sheriff Releases 4,276 “Nonviolent” Inmates Over Pandemic, Fears Increase in Crime


LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva released 4,276 “nonviolent” inmates as a precautionary move to reduce those contracting the China virus, “We were faced with a choice, if we left the jail system fully populated and overpopulated then the pandemic is a lot easier to sweep through the jail system and jeopardize everyone’s safety.” Nice of him to be concerned about the prisoners safety, but what about the law-abiding people’s safety in the communities these criminals will be living around, since Villanueva admits his fears there will be an increase in crime?

There is no doubt crime will go up and how convenient this monster, who threatened to “physically remove ICE agents from the county jails,” has done everything in his power to close up gun shops leaving citizens defenseless!

Something is going to happen, someone is going to get hurt and God help Villanueva if it’s one of the inmates he cut loose!

Americans get it and understand precautions have to be taken to ensure everyone’s safety/health, and that those imprisoned are not subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. That being said alternatives for detaining “nonviolent” criminals should’ve been taken. The Army Corps of Engineers, who have built hospitals in hot zones, could’ve been brought in to build temporary housing on prison grounds, allowing inmates to be spread out while still detained. Maybe some hotels could’ve been “rented” by the state to house these “non-violent” criminals versus cutting them loose among the people. For what it’s worth a cruise ship can house an estimated 3000 people, why not load 2 ships up with inmates? Granted it would be hard on the guards but again maybe the National Guard could be utilized for security?!