SCOTUS Denies Texas Lawsuit Against GA, MI, PA & WI

SCOTUS just handed the USA Over to the Democrat Party who are in bed with America’s enemies – China, Russia, Iran etc. The now proven corrupt “Supreme” Court has thrown out the Texas lawsuit, over 20 states joined in on, claiming ‘lack of standing under Art III’

These 9 men and women have/had but one job, to determine if a case before them is Constitutional or Not. They’re not there to play politics or pick sides but that is EXACTLY what this failed body has done. They will not allow Texas nor President Trump to have their day in court to just be heard!

This country is broken, irreparably broken. SCOTUS has chosen to be a catalyst for a repeat of Apr 12, 1861 then so be it.

ALL coup conspirators will pay for what they’ve done.

The NEW Founding Fathers will show no mercy to traitors

Lock and Load

We Are Going To War