Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Have Any Concern About Mr Swalwell’


Nancy Pelosi is COMPLICIT with the Chinese Communist Party as she blows off Eric Swalwell, who holds a seat on the Intel Cmte, being Chinese Communist asset! It is abundantly clear that the democrats are owned by the ChiComs as they’ve bent over backwards to trivialize and bury members of Congress who have been caught like Swalwell and Feinstein, take every measure to cede US economic power to them, defy Pres Trump for pointing the blame of covid directly on China and how can we forget the biden’s connection to the ChiComs as well.

This monster has not been fighting China over the last 30years. She has been fighting the US to be the ChiComs BITCH!

Listen to her make excuses, and she doesn’t think it’s necessary to run background checks on interns that work in the US Capitol! Let that sink in for a minute… the one place we should know who is working in, she doesn’t want to know their background. Pelosi’s statement is not only a pack of lies with regards to Swalwell but it’s dangerously irresponsible posing a legitimate national security risk.

But this is what/ who voters want running the country now. Maybe those who didn’t vote Trump and GOP will wake up when they’re forced to get covid vaccine MADE IN CHINA and have to learn Mandarin!