Biden Urges Dems to Hide Calls to Defund the Police Until After Georgia Senate Runoffs


Biden may be old and creepy but he hasn’t missed a beat being a corrupt politician as he admitted 47+ years ago! In this clip the old kook met with civil rights leaders is urging fellow dems… communists to stop talking about defunding the police, because it caused many dem house seats to get flipped to the GOP, until after the Georgia senate runoff election.

This clip along with the interview the old kook gave back in July cements this SOB wants to defund the police. These radical dems DO NOT care about the danger they’re putting this country in with their policies. They want the police eliminated, law abiding citizens disarmed via devastating gun control laws, while cutting criminals loose that will create chaos where Americans will be begging the govt to do something. In that they will be able to create the power and control structure the like of which dictators only dream of.

The GOP must win in the January senate runoff regardless of what happens with the presidency. DO NOT listen to anyone saying sit the election out, don’t vote for Loeffler and Perdue to punish the GOP over the Nov election fiasco.