Pelosi Lashes Out at Reporter: “I Don’t Need a Lecture” Over Biden Allegations


Nancy Pelosi is all-in for Joe Biden as she demonstrated in her presser today lashing out at a reporter stating “I don’t need a lecture or a speech” over a question about recent allegations of sexual assault made against Biden by former staffer Tara Reade.

Apparently all it took to once again prove Pelosi’s hypocrisy was for Washington Examiner’s Kerry Picket to ask, “How do democrats square with the idea that they’re essentially.. they’re standing by Biden, but they’re using a comparatively different standard with Kavanaugh when you demanded a ah investigation on Justice Kavanaugh?”

“There is also the fact that Joe Biden is Joe Biden” is apparently all one needs to know that he is innocent… whatever in the hell that means in Nanzi’s twisted head??

Yea we can talk about Due Process for Biden, but damn any of you who said the same for Kavanaugh or anyone on Right accused of the same.

I used to be sales so I speak bullshit fluently, what Pelosi and all of the Left are saying is that if you’re a democrat accused of sexual harassment/assault by another you’ll get every doubt, excuse and pass as they can come up with, especially if you’re a high profile figure. But if you’re a republican/conservative you should go directly to jail, no trial, no jury, nothing you’re guilty.

The MeToo movement is D E A D. The democrats are the biggest hypocrites on the planet, and if anything this denial Pelosi and her ilk have about Joe, who we have video of demonstrating he cannot keep his hands to himself, is more proof what Reade claims in fact happened.