Here Are the Hollywood Elitists Who Support Domestic Terrorists

Now that antifa has been designated a domestic terrorist group these monsters in Hollywood are using their money (they earn from you) to bail the terrorists out of jail. They seem to think these unfortunate “protesters” need help to cover legal expenses, while ignoring the fact that actual protesters were not getting arrested.

These names are also circulating around but I can’t find anything on them – yet.
Lady Gaga
John Cusack
Ellen DeGeneres

Kendall Jenner shared out where people can donate money to bail out terrorists on her Instagram Story

The terrorists are getting locked up because they are well organized setting fires, destroying businesses, looting (should be shot)/stealing, committing acts of physical violence that Hollywood feels perfectly fine in bailing out. Think about that for a second especially if you’re in a city that has been attacked. These Hollywood degenerates are writing checks to bail these monsters out BUT haven’t sent a penny to the businesses who have been destroyed by their precious “protesters”! Granted Target, Walgreens, Apple can afford it the small business owner can’t especially after this scamdemic many will surely be closed permanently.

I just don’t know what more to say to those reading this who are fed up. YOU have to stop enabling Hollywood when you watch their movies, tv shows, listen/buy their music, buy their crap or anything they’re promoting.

STOP! If you can’t you’re a hypocrite! And NO these people do not have free rent in anyones head when you go from being a fan of their work to being incapable of watching/listening to it. It’s called being principled and drawing a line. Yours truly LOVED the 1995 movie HEAT with Bob diNero, can’t watch it now knowing the scumbag he is today. He ruined it and I will not watch it knowing he is still getting residual check. If people stop watching their crap the networks won’t air something that doesn’t get ratings = no views for their advertisers.

If you have to have the song, see the tv show or new movie you can find it all online for FREE, you just have to know where to look! (Yes, movie theaters are going to be the victims here.) And yes, for those wondering you can watch newly released movies playing in theaters from the comfort of your home. I’ll give you a little hint how to avoid legal trouble: Sony vs Universal 1984… ENJOY!

These Hollywood bastards are beneath you, they’re professional liars who support an agenda that goes against everything you stand for. They push depravity, promiscuity, substance abuse, immoral behavior and socialism. Hit them where it hurts most, their wallet and bank account then they’ll get the message loud and clear.

If you ask me the wrong city is getting burned down….