Man Carrying American Flag Beaten by Antifa & BLM in Portland


A Mexican flag carried by radical Leftists is ok, an American Flag carried by counter protester is bad, and the man of course gets brutal beating in Portland. This IS domestic terrorism and if these mayors and governors don’t clamp it down things will escalate to levels of violence we haven’t seen since the 1960’s and God forbid 1860’s!

The monster would have never cold-cocked this guy if they were one on one. These terrorists act out violently when they are in packs outnumbering their opposition; this is why you’ll never see them doing any of this shit in a deep Red community.

The Left is practically begging for armed conflict at this point, pushing the Right and even people who are neutral politically’s red button. These riots better get shutdown soon otherwise the real bloodshed is going to start. While violence is exploding around the country this sites money is still on Portland being ground zero for the first actual shots of the Second American Civil War being fired.

As for the man in blue who tried to help… well the domestic terrorists knocked him and his teeth out!!