MSNBC: Trump is Going to Cheat in 2020 Election


The hits and fearmongering never miss a beat from MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ crew. They, like other media outlets, continue to make things up to trash the President and scare their viewers that their votes will be tampered with or not even counted. When have any of their claims ever happened?

Forget Trump for a minute, there is no history of the GOP cheating in elections like the democrats do year after year! All the problems we’ve seen with elections are always in democrat strongholds like CA, certain counties in FL, New York and sanctuary cities/states etc. What you have here are democrats spelling out what they do and will pin on Pres Trump with no proof of any kind except their typical fear mongering over “voter suppression”, “stopping minorities from voting”. This is the party who notoriously has had Mickey Mouse and dead vote for them, or have more votes in a district than there are registered voters! This is the same party with a record of cheating now pushing for mail-in voting which we all know will be disastrous, based on past elections.

The democrats are going to cheat and then claim it was Trump. Because they’ve failed at every attempt to remove Trump from office they’re going… write this down they’re going to challenge the 2020 election results if it is close. Trump must have a bigger more decisive win this Nov than what he had in 2016. Other wise the dems are going to make the 2000 debacle look like a walk through the park.

This election is the dems last chance to stop Trump’s presidency. They MUST lose, and lose at MASSIVE levels in all races. If they maintain power in the House and get control of the Senate they will impeach Trump as soon as they’re in session for 2021.

DO NOT assume Trump has this election won, let alone will win in a landslide. First off this nonsense with the virus proves anything can happen. Second that type of thinking creates complacency among already EXTREMELY LAZY GOP voters who will think, “ahh Trump’s got this I don’t need to go vote today” and then it’s a close race or he loses.

Don’t take my word for it even the President himself said it at a rally before things went haywire with the pandemic!

Consider yourself warned by Donald Trump himself. You need to get to the polls and bring as many people as you can with you, even if you have to crawl over broken glass and dead bodies from this virus.