Pelosi Attacks Trump, Demands Senate Pass Heroes Act


Nancy Pelosi is weaponizing the 100K who have died from the China Virus accusing Pres Trump of having no plan in a poor attempt to guilt the Senate for not debating on let alone voting on her absurd Heroes Act. Minutes after the Memorial Day service at the Unknown Soldier Monument Pelosi posted this twitter thread

This bill is another massive democrat spending bill funding all their pet projects as well as getting many of their radical policies through under the guise of helping the country during this pandemic. This bill is in fact Pelosi and the democrat party’s coronavirus “plan” for the country by funding Planned Parenthood, marijuana programs, cutting felons loose from prison, vote by mail, ballot harvesting, giving money to illegal aliens, “would provide business with a neverending flood of cheap, illegal foreign labor that they would be legally allowed to hire over the roughly 36.5 million Americans who are jobless due to the crisis.” ~Breitbart

This bill is supposed to help the American people, but for the 4th time, the dems (and repubs) who scream up and down over how Americans need help asap, there isn’t 1 page let alone 1 f***ing line that requires payments for loans/mortgages/rent/leases/or other financial installments to be delayed until this nonsense is over. THAT SHOULD BE ON THE FIRST PAGE, for individuals and businesses! Look at her tweets talking about testing and contact tracing, what the hell does $10 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, $25 billion “PAYMENT TO POSTAL SERVICE FUND”, “PROHIBITING IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENT AS CONDITION OF OBTAINING BALLOT”, $40 million for “bio-surveillance of wildlife”, $10 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities, $50 million for “environmental justice grants”, REVIEWING ICE DETENTION and whatever else is buried in that 1800+ pg bill have to do with that!?

This is how you know everything those monsters in DC are doing is total BS. They know how this pandemic has been handled is a farce, they’re using it to screw the People over bypassing rules/procedures/protocol AND the US Constitution.

This “woman” and her party are vile and borderline (by a hair at this point) treasonous.