Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Confesses Group is Rooted in Marxism

Hollywood Leftists, major corporations and everyone who swears allegiance and support to BLM are in fact supporting/donating to a radical Marxist organization, which is the very ideology totalitarian communist regimes are based on. That’s not right-wing conspiracy theory or fake news, it’s fact based on their own words buried deep within their website (that has gotten a makeover) and as the co-founder Patrisse Cullors confessed…

This is the same group who marched in cities around the US during obama’s reign of terror calling for cops to be killed where we had a string of attacks and assassinations against the police, including the televised attack in Dallas….

These are bad people regardless of what theyre saying on the surface.. it’s not what they say but what they do. Violence is always present when BLM shows up.