Unhinged Leftist Wearing “I Can’t Breathe” Shirt Trying to Provoke Trump Supporters Gets Arrested at Trump Rally

‘I have ticket!’

NEWSFLASH America, apparently a ticket = immunity from existing laws and more importantly the RULES of the PRIVATE event one is attending!

This unhinged violent monster, Sheila Buck, wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt, clearly DOES NOT support Pres Trump. Her purpose at the Tulsa, OK rally is/was to disrupt and cause trouble, as you can see here from her PROUD walk along the line of peaceful Trump supporters waiting to get in.

Buck, wearing all black, was POLITELY approached by police and told the she was not welcome at the rally. She doesn’t understand because she has a ticket and as you will hear, neither does the media who want to get to the bottom of things.

I’ll make it real simple for everyone to understand, when you go to a Trump rally you get an email with a list of prohibited items. Keep in mind the venue, a PRIVATE business, also has its own rules and restrictions. At the very end of the email for a Trump rally (this is from Sunrise, FL Nov 2019 event) it states:

‘• And any other items that may pose a threat to the security of the event as determined by and at the discretion of the security screeners.’

I had law in college, this is open ended statement that more or less says if you are carrying, wearing or even doing anything they don’t approve of you’re out and this statement from the Tulsa Police confirms it:

One other thing to keep in mind, the ticket does NOT mean she is immune from anything, nor it even being a guarantee she’ll get into the venue!

‘Early arrival is strongly recommended. There is no guaranteed admittance for late arrivals.’

So the event promoters (Trump campaign), who PAID MONEY to the Bank of Oklahoma Center, gives them a right to dictate who enters and doesn’t, tells the police “no way get her out” and the police are obligated to do it. Buck clearly refuses to follow orders that she is deemed a trespasser by the event, it then becomes an legal matter where police can pick her up, carry her out and arrest her for the first time in her life!

This happens ALL THE TIME with ticket holders. People get thrown out of WWE events, concerts, baseball, football, basketball games, political rallies (there are vids of Trump supporters getting tossed from Leftist events) etc if they break the rules. Hell people who paid money for entry to CPAC, unlike these FREE Trump rally tickets, were thrown out a couple months ago!

But now the media is going to get involved, just watch, they’ll throw a fit saying “Buck’s First Amendment rights were violated”. NO, no they weren’t because she’s on PRIVATE PROPERTY, just like your home or business where surely you would throw out or silence someone if they were causing problems. Again watch the first video above as she boldly walks along supporters trying to provoke them. This monster will be paraded on MSNBC, CNN and all the other DNC propaganda outlets, where not one of them will point this out.

You can run your mouth, protest OUTSIDE an event on public property all you want, but not on private property or inside. That’s it, end of story.