Susan Rice: Trump’s Supporters Belong in ‘The Trash Heap of History’


Devout obama regime member and certified LIAR Susan Rice is demonstrating the outright pure hate the Left has for Pres Trump and YOU his supporters. Hillary’s “deplorables” moment has not phased any of these people from condemning anyone who is not in lockstep with the unhinged violent Left. They don’t care who they upset, or offend these radicals who seek to destroy America and rebuild it under their dream of a twisted utopian nightmare as we’re seeing play out in Seattle and other democrat strongholds, says that those in the Senate who didn’t impeach Trump and YOU his supporters belong in ‘the trash heap of history’!


You see the Senate GOP and you Trump’s supporters belong in the trash heap of history because you won’t go along with the Left’s repeated attempts to remove POTUS from office nor condemn him for being Orange Man Bad. To this day the man hasn’t done anything wrong. He’s upheld and invoked laws on the books that has hurt the Left from wrecking this country, called them out for their hypocrisy, not bowed down to their threats and put America first. Rice and her ilk do not care about the permanent division they have created in this country and as you are witnessing are prepared to burn it down.

In 136 days you will have the option to send this lying degenerate and all like her into absolute madness. Or, you can sit home election day handing control over to this nation to the people who have literally set it ablaze.