Leftists Destroy George Washington Statue in Portland

The unhinged violent Left has claimed another trophy in their cause for racial social and economic justice, this time the desecration and destruction of a 100 year old George Washington statue in Portland. The radicals draped a US Flag over America’s Founding Father, and then set it on fire. Then they pulled it down, unchallenged by law enforcement, setting yet another Flag on fire making it clear these “people” HATE the United States and frankly they hate each and every one of you who stands opposed to them.

Why are sane rational good people on both sides standing idly by allowing America’s history to be removed and destroyed unhinged radicals?

Today it’s a statue of Washington in Portland, how long until these violent unhinged Leftists go after the Washington Monument, Jefferson and Lincoln (apparently abolitionists are targets too) Memorials, or even Mt Rushmore?

These monsters want war, they’ve been calling for/threatening a revolution (civil war really) for decades. When and IF they go after these major landmarks and symbols of the USA, it will be a clear declaration of war. The fight they think is coming will be nothing compared to the hell they’ll get. The dumb ones are front and center right now, on both sides, while those determined to preserve this nation are silent. When the real silent majority finally speaks God help anyone who gets in their way.

We’re back in Dec 28, 1860 with the entire Left (media to DC) standing on the gas pedal to get us to April 12, 1861… watch what you wish for idiots, you’re going to get it and a hell of a lot more.