Pelosi Orders the Removal of Confederate DEMOCRAT House Speaker’s Portraits


Don’t be fooled by the actions of Nancy Pelosi and the democrat party as of late with all their pandering over racism, bigotry and hate. What they’re doing is obvious to those who dig a little deeper to see she and all the dems are engaged in revisionist history, erasing their party’s past. Screenshot this, copy it, write it down whatever…

EVERYTHING the democrats are removing is PROOF of their long history of being racists, while at the same time trying to pin everything bad they’ve done on the Republicans. The statues, monuments, plaques, whatever that’s being taken down and now paintings of former House Speakers are of DEMOCRATS tied to the Confederacy.

Robert Hunter of Virginia 1839 to 1841
Howell Cobbs of Georgia 1849 to 1851
James Orr of South Carolina 1857 to 1859
Charles Crisp of Georgia 1891 to 1895

Democrats are the ones who took this country to war over slavery. Democrats were the ones who created the KKK, and Jim Crowe laws. It was a DEMOCRAT Pres Wilson who SEGREGATED the military. Do your homework you’ll see democrats are the ones who have fought tooth and nail against Black Americans.

How are we to learn from our past mistakes of it’s all being erased, while the same people doing the erasing are writing the history books?

Yes, there’s systematic racism in America, but it comes from the Democrats!