Race Hustler Calls For the Destruction of Churches and Symbols of Jesus


Race hustler Shaun King, who has been pretending he’s black, has been emboldened by the BLM movement where the radical has called for the destruction of Churches and symbols of Jesus because, “They are a gross form white supremacy. Created as tools of oppression. Racist propaganda.”

Riiiiiight Shaun, that’s exactly what people were thinking 2000 years ago. It had nothing with establishing a religion based on the teachings of Christ, building places of worship (Churches) and raising symbols of him (stained glass, sculptures, statues etc), no no it was all part of a massive white supremacist plot. You do realize his caller destruction technically goes all the way to the Vatican right? You don’t really think if this monster got his wish with Churches getting taken out it will end there? Oh, no it goes right to the top!

This monster, who pretends he’s black is out of his mind. Forget that, he is advocating violence against the Church/ Christianity to unhinged violent Leftists who welcome and are already acting on calls for destruction like this, especially now with so many bowing down to the marxist radical organization that masks itself as an advocacy group for Black people.

The Constitution was written by those now being targeted by the Left, who used the Bible as guide to write that dusty old document. Is it now becoming clear what the Left is doing? They’re hell-bent on destroying America and countless Americans are helping them out of fear of being deemed a racist!

It’s time for people to start standing up to monsters like King, we’re going to lose our country over fear of name calling.