Unhinged Leftists in DC Attempt to Pull Down Andrew Jackson Statue, Set Up Autonomous Zone


Unhinged violent Leftists swarmed the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Park across from the White House and attempted to pull it down. They have also defaced St John’s Church, spraying BHAZ on the pillars, and set up tents as they’ve designated the area a Black House Autonomous Zone! DC Police arrived to stop the destruction of the statue but at this time have allowed the mob to establish their camp site.

It is becoming abundantly clear the DC Police like other agencies across the country is run by incompetent imbeciles, afraid of a bunch of dirty stinky Leftist/Marxists. Once upon a time monsters like this hell-bent on destroying the nation would’ve been dealt with, but now they’re coddled by those in power. We expect that from liberals in office, but the GOP is proving themselves to be nothing but a bunch of pussies afraid of spoiled rotten children raised in the Oprah Era who were never told NO.

Where is the Silent Majority who are allegedly fed up with whats going on? Our Nation’s Capital is under attack and still no opposing force is on scene? Where are you Bikers For Trump, Oathkeepers, TEA Party activists and those who call themselves American Patriots? It’s obvious the police won’t act and using the Guard is out because when it gets violent the media will use the images of dead bodies against Trump. But, how much more of our history has to be destroyed until civilians who are supposedly fed up does something?

Something better be done soon before this escalates, where the wrong people show up and things get incredibly violent.