Jimmy Kimmel is in Hiding Because He Wore Blackface Mocking Oprah


Jimmy Kimmel is taking a “hiatus” from his nighttime talkshow because he knows he’s in trouble, following his apology for appearing in blackface. This is common tactic among privileged white liberal elite, to issue an apology and then go into hiding.

Once upon a time Jimmy was a “normal” guy who did guy things and partnered up with Adam Carolla to create The Man Show, a show for guys. Yours truly was diehard fan of the show who watched it religiously, still have a shirt! Kimmel and Carolla entertained guys for 3 years, then they left after the 3rd season and the show lost its edge.

Years later Jimmy reappears, reborn as flaming liberal (that’s what happens when you date a radical like Sarah Silverman), where he gets his own late night talk show, becoming the divisive SOB we know him to be today. His attacks against the President and conservatives is all well documented which proves he epitomizes what a hypocrite he is compared to his days on the show.

During that time on The Man Show Jimmy did his share of skits, one he enjoyed a lot was mocking fmr NBA player Karl Malone. These skits are what caused him to got into hiding, BUT what people don’t know is he also went after Oprah Winfrey. As a matter of fact the very purpose of The Man Show was to stop the “Oprahization” of America!!

Here are the clips Kimmel knows are going to be plastered all over the internet, being viewed by the cancel culture he has coddled for many years every day on late night tv…

Do you think the cancel culture of the rabid Left are okay with Kimmel:
1 Having blackface to look like Oprah
2 wearing a fat suit making fun of her weight issues
3 depicting Oprah in embarrassing moments (sitting on the toilet, running in place using her Spanish maid as a cushion (this one alone should get their blood boiling) or enjoying a personal massager)?

Jimmy will never escape the fact he made fun of high profile black people and that is why he is MIA right now. Roseanne Barr lost her show and livelihood for far less, it was one tweet and she got booted off her own show; hell, they killed her character off! Kimmel spent 2 seasons mocking Oprah and Malone (oh Jimmy, I have all of those skits too) and he gets rewarded with a talkshow!?

This racist is in hiding because he thinks if he lays low after his apology this will all go away. Jimmy needs to publicly apologize to all Blacks, quit his show if he isn’t fired, make reparations to the Black community and never permitted to work in the public eye again. These are the RULES the Left has established against PRIVILEGED racist white people, like Kimmel, who make fun of/mock Black Americans for their own personal entertainment and financial gain.

Have things gotten ridiculous with the cancel culture? Yes, but we’re just playing by the dems rules. Kimmel needs to be punished, run out of Hollywood for what he’s done to Oprah and Malone! 😛