Unhinged Violent Leftists Plot to Tear Down Lincoln Emancipation Statue


Seeing next too resistance from govt officials and law enforcement, unhinged Leftists have been emboldened and are now plotting to tear down destroy the Lincoln Emancipation Memorial.
“Designed and sculpted by Thomas Ball and erected in 1876, the monument depicts Abraham Lincoln in his role of the “Great Emancipator” freeing a male African American slave modeled on Archer Alexander. The ex-slave is depicted on one knee, with one fist clenched, shirtless and shackled at the president’s feet.”~Wiki

‘Thursday at 7pm, we’re tearing this motherf–ker down.’
The Left is so bold now they’re actually telling us when they’re going to destroy things, because they know no one will stop them.

While POTUS vows to invoke the Veterans Memorial Preservati Act with 10 years in jail for violations it still requires law enforcement to act. From what we’ve seen there won’t be many, if any arrests. And based on how the court systems have been running these terrorists won’t even be formally charged, most likely be cut loose.

What’s going to happen is obvious – patriots, ACTUAL Patriots, fed up with the lack of action like this man are going to do what those we put in power fail to do…

Trouble is coming to this country because the people we have charged with our protection are sitting idly by. We’re not just talking about police “following orders,” or corrupt mayors and governors giving stand down orders, we’re talking about those in DC who take to social media and tv yapping about how upset they are, yet they have done absolutely nothing to date.

Today is Dec 29, 1860 with no signs of the Left getting us to April 12,1861. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.