Minneapolis City Council Announces Intent to Disband Police Dept


Minneapolis City Council members announced they have a veto-proof majority and will dismantle the police department. They seem to think they can run a city better without law enforcement, like they demonstrated over the last week resulting in burned buildings businesses, massive looting, various acts of violence and assault! It will become little Somalia like Ilhan Omar dreams of.

With no police criminals will be empowered as well as evildoers – who will people call when a school, mall, church gets shot up?
Who is going to enforce their unconstitutional orders, like gun grabs?
When someone kidnaps or sexually assaults one of their kids, who are they going to call?
When one of their banks or businesses is getting robbed, or even their home, who is going to respond to the 911 call for help?
When there is inevitably a brutal assault, rape or murder who is going to investigate and arrest the criminals, rapists and murderer(s)?
When their junk gets stolen who is going to find and arrest the thief/thieves?
When some maniac drives their car into a crowd of people, gets out with a gun who are these Leftists going to call!?

What exactly is this “community-based public safety” that will replace law-enforcement?

This is suicide for any community. Those planning of leaving better think twice about brining their progressive politics to other communities especially Red States/ Cities. People should let those moving in from these wrecked cities they’re not welcome, because they’re not going to change. Liberals are not going to move to a community that is predominantly conservative and not try to change it. Look at what they’ve already done to AZ, CO, VA and TEXAS! Yes, Texas whose major cities are under democrat control! Florida is danger too, with many liberal progressives leaving New York and New Jersey. Hell, California was once a Red State now partly because of the ’86 amnesty it’s become a one party ruled state. What progs did to CA they’re doing to every single state in this country. CA is the testing grounds for what they do everywhere else. This site has warned repeatedly on this and you’re being warned again.


Liberalism/ Progressivism is a virus that destroys everything in its path