Democrats Kneel Down to Black Lives Matter


Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Brad Sherman and other dems taking a knee today in solidarity… submitting to Black Lives Matter to “honor”* George Floyd, is complete and total pandering for votes in November.

These people couldn’t careless about Black Lives Matter, they only care about the power and control they will get by playing along now that BLM is rising up like some new political party.

How do we know this to be true? These monsters represent communities across the US that are in total economic, social and physical disarray! They’ve been making promises to minorities for decades in exchange for donations and votes, where the majority of those communities are still in some form of chaos while said politicians ride high pointing fingers of blame at the Right.

They control the cities that are a mess for decades but somehow it’s the republican’s, and for now Pres Trump’s, fault. This is why Blexit came to be, along with many outspoken black Americans from Elbert Guillory, Candace Owens, Burgess Owens, even Kanye West and other Black activists featured on this site:
Chicago Activists Unchained! Rage Against Democrats, Destroy Black Leadership
Chicago Residents Go Off on Obama: Will Go Down as Worst President Ever
Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts Into Anti-Machine Revolt

… have Left the democrat plantation encouraging others to leave too!

You think there’s trouble now? Wait til BLM doesn’t get what they want, they will call for more riots and violence like we’ve had the last week.

*George Floyd was NO saint. NO he did not deserve to be killed but he was a criminal these people are putting on a pedestal as if he was Gandhi. This video is why Candace Owens is getting all kinds of hell – because she told the truth.