Washed Up “Political Analyst” Demands GOP Force Trump Out of Office

Carl Bernstein, a washed up journalist and now “political analyst” for CNN, went on a tirade against President saying the US is in a ‘national presidential emergency’ like ‘we’ve never had in the history of America’. Tapping into his claim to fame Bernstein stretched whats going on now comparing Nixon to Trump saying he’s far more dangerous. That being said this liberal hack called on the GOP to force Trump out of office as was done in 1974!

The only people demonstrating how dangerous and authoritarian they are is the democrats. These people have done everything possible to remove Trump from office, see people tied to his administration sent off to prison for acts dems have committed and are actively silencing supporters.

Trump is an outsider, he has money, no one can buy him which means no one can control him. This is why the Left, and many on the Right, want him out of office. He has taken a sledgehammer to their policies and power grabs. He is exposing corruption and impotence by leaders who chose not to act screwing this country over (ie trade).

Bernstein is a perfect example of all Leftists desperate for power and control, trying to dictate to the people how things should go. If at the least Trump deserves a second term to drive these people insane, and continue his America’s agenda, creating jobs, wealth, energy independence, reclaiming the nations place as a world leader and beacon for freedom.

Or support Biden and become a slave to the democrat party and a punching bag to monsters like Bernstein, Camerota, Sciutto and the rest of the media propagandists.