Fauci Called Out Over His Double Standards on Protests and Spread of COVID


Dr Fauci appeared before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis got called out over his double standards over the potential of spreading the virus with regard to people gathering in “crowds” for political rallies (Trump), going to work, school or church vs “protests” (Left).

Fauci stated ‘Crowding together, particularly when you’re not wearing a mask, contributes to spreading the virus.’ When asked whether the govt should limit the massive protesting going on he said, ‘I don’t think that’s relevant. I’m not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way’, yet this is the same guy who says everyone should wear masks, social distance and gave his two cents about dating to sports events.

Newsflash for the doctor – protests are CROWDS and the fact Fauci refused to admit this is proof of his partisanship. This guy hasn’t been right OR has been lying about masks, and everything else since this scamdemic started. Why he has been given so much power over our lives and the economy is terrifying. Unelected partisan bureaucrats, especially in the Medical State, are a major threat to this country.