Feinstein Defends China ‘Pulled Millions Out of Poverty’, ‘Respectable nation’


Dianne Feinstein has given one of the most deceitful and offensive statements I’ve ever heard out of a politician….
‘A country that has pulled millions of.. tens of millions of people out of poverty in a short period of time. And as a country growing into a respectable nation among other nations, and I deeply believe that.’

After listening to this disgusting praise and defense of China for unleashing the virus on the world voicing opposition to hold them accountable, one question that should be on everyones mind:


This gun grabbing monster, who had a Chinese spy driving her around for 20 years is dirty, this clip screams the ChiComs own her. What has this woman done for the ChiComs? What US secrets has she revealed directly and indirectly (via her fmr driver) over the last 20+ years?

Unfortunately because GOP voters are lazy CA has become a one party ruled state, where DiFi’s senate seat is a permanent lock for dems and the Chinese. Let this be a lesson to voters across the USA how important it is to vote not just in Presidential elections but midterms, and local races, as well.