Leader of NFAC Admits They’re Being Paid!


NFAC (Not F***ing Around Coalition) Leader, Grand Master Jay got a little too cocky and ran his mouth that ‘Everybody want to get on the bandwagon now because they[??] giving out money..’ While the audio is bad the guy filming confirms this talking about money going to church’s by the “they” where Jay tells him ‘Bro’ making the shush gesture, implying that too much has been said.

Gee can’t imagine who is paying these radicals and militia off to tear cities apart?

Soros, Steyer, shell orgs who get their money from the DNC!? Whether it’s radicals in Portland or these militants one thing is clear, there is a concerted effort by the powerful rich elites on the Left to FUND the destruction of the USA, with the hopes they’ll be the ones standing when the dust settles and fires are put out.

The only way to ensure this won’t happen is by making sure Donald Trump gets reelected, and sending conservatives to the House and Senate to be the reinforcements he needs to get the People’s agenda through.