Rep Omar Brags Over ‘Opportunity’ to Make Biden’s Platform the Most Progressive For a Candidate to Ever Run On


It’s no secret radicals Ilhan Omar, AOC +2, out of fear have moved the democrat party to the extreme Left. Pelosi, Schumer and others who have been around for far too long have taken positions they never considered years ago. But now because of the threat the Squad poses to sick their supporters on fellow party members anything is possible, including shaping Joe Biden’s platform.

Here during a virtual primary debate, Omar is bragging if not taking a victory lap over the having ‘an opportunity to move his platform to be more progressive, the most progressive platform a president has ever run on, on the democratic side.’

Remember progressive is PC for marxist/ socialist/ communist policies. Biden is fully behind the radicals plans for massive taxes, wealth redistribution, Green New Deal (which will destroy the US for sure post lockdown), defunding the police and many other destructive policies already being successfully test run in California as well as democrat controlled states under this lockdown.

This is the same bs obama ran on and WON, so don’t assume Trump has the election locked up. Instead you should assume he is down by 10 points and act accordingly!